Friday 9 January 2009

Is it because she is Tory?

Tom Harris is trying the old game of having to comment on Celebrity Big Brother while making it clear he never watches it.

No such problem here for Next Left's Big Brother Correspondent. However, I am in favour of a 'jumpers for goalposts' Campaign for Traditional Big Brother. The point is surely to leave ten people in a house and leave them to it; to examine the truth or falsehood of Sartre's proposition - that "hell is other people". It should be like Test Cricket. If not much happens for days on end, that is part of the point when something finally does. The very first series captured this, with the famous Nasty Nick explosion. I have not kept up since, but the problem is that the producers lack confidence in this central proposition, so producing endless stunts and interventions in the name of entertaining the viewers. Like 20-20 cricket, that probably has a limited shelf life, and misses the point.

Which is all by way of lengthy preamble to asking whether Lucy Pinder's eviction will be keeping Andy Coulson awake tonight. The first thing she said was that she was a Tory girl and wouldn't like to meet any Labour or socialist types in the House. A contentless attack on Labour was part of her talentless talent show which got her nominated by Mr Christian. And Iain Dale has been rallying the troops on Get Out the Vote duties. (Did he really need a reminder - after David Davis' disastrous leadership conference - that politics may just have moved on?)

So does the Pinder eviction - losing to Ulrika, even though she had effectively asked her fans to vote her off - mean that the Tories still have a contaminated brand?

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Anthony Z said...

Sunder, I couldn't agree more. So here's my plan for the pre-election campaign (free for you to use, No. 10, you're welcome):

1. Get GB on the revived Reeves & Mortimer, under the pseudonym Gor-don-don-don

2. GB dumps Sarah and takes up with a well-known sporting figure. Rachel Armitage is good, but she looks too nice to get stage 3 right.

3. Well-known sporting figure beats GB up, thus releasing wave of public sympathy when he has to appear at a European Council meeting with two black eyes.

4. Replace David Cameron with a vapid underwear model who spouts Daily Mail platitudes (note: this step could be skipped)

5. Historic fourth Labour term!