Tuesday 28 April 2009

Oh Jarvis!

We don't need you to remind us of some of the lamer aspects of what the media liked to call 'Cool Brittania'.

Politics and pop really don't mix.

But this blog would never (normally) hear a word said against Jarvis Cocker, the nation's unofficial poet laureate whatever Downing St and Buckingham Palace might tell us.

I assume most of you who are also of the right age to know - ie, a bit too old to have any clue about what is going on now - will agree that the correct answer to the so-called Blur vs Oasis battle of the indie bands was Pulp.

(If we are having transferable voting systems, of course that is part of the broader progressive coalition aligned behind Blur).

That Jarvis' politics are some way to the left of New Labour's is no surprise.

Perhaps he even kept class on the public agenda when Labour couldn't talk about it. (Though His n Hers is even better as an album than Different Class).

What is a bit bloody depressing is his suggestion that a Tory government is 'necessary' or at least inevitable, apparently in the forthcoming GQ.

Fortunately, The Guardian reports that Saint Jarvis is issuing some clarifications.

It sounds like he still hates the Tories after all.

He's just a bit dazed and confused about whether anybody is going to do anything to stop them.


David T said...

He has just broken up with his missus, sadly.

Unknown said...

But no one is really doing anything to really stop them