Monday 17 August 2009

Spectator, not Labour, in 'send' mode

Are Labour still in 'send' mode? asks David Blackburn, on The Spectator's extremely good Coffee House blog (which has topped the TotalPolitics poll as number one media blog on politics).

Kerry McCarthy did not think the Guardian's headline 'Labour appoints twitter tsar' a good description of her role in new media campaigning which she discusses at length on Labour List.

But she is definitely the right choice. Very few MP blogs can match her Shot by both sides for authenticity and voice, and any Labour twitterers will know that she is embedded into the twitterati in a hyper-engaged and responsive way.

Authenticity. If you can fake that ...., as they say, but of course you can't.

So I think Blackburn is just dead wrong in his claim that

But McCarthy is stuck in “send” mode. Her emphasis is on MPs talking to the people, putting their human side forward, rather than engaging with the public

Meanwhile, here's The Spectator's twitter account

No fewer than 3634 tweets.

All generated directly on a 'transmit' feed from the website - with no engagement with followers or interaction at all.

Stuck in send mode, it would seem.


Robert said...

Well you have 3634 people who will vote labour ..

Red Rag said...

I don't go on the Tory website any more to read what the next Tory policy will be, it is quicker and easier to go to the Spectator, which is the unofficial Tory Party internet mouthpiece.

I note you called Kerry a member of the twitterati, does that mean Nelson et al are members of the twatterati?