Saturday 17 October 2009

I'm almost on minimum wage, says Tory MP who sponsored bill to repeal it

Tory MP David Wilshire is standing down over his expenses claims, hoping not to do damage his party further either locally or nationally.

Yet he has now now told journalism students his Parliamentary salary of £65,000 a year places him "dangerously close to the minimum wage".

James Graham calculates that he must be working 30 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A consistent 70 hour week would mean a minimum wage of £17.80, as Liberal Conspiracy calculate.

So perhaps Wilshire is advocating that as a living wage, breaking new ground for a radical Red Tory agenda?

Sadly, I fear not.

Wilshire does not think his party should now accept the principle of the minimum wage.

Earlier this year, when Christopher Chope tabled a Bill bill to abolish any legal minimum by making the minimum wage voluntary if employers could persuade people to work for less, Wilshire was among 11 Tory MPs to proudly sponsor it

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Robert said...

With £86 a week in benefits I'm well below the min wage but hell I get all those days t sit at home reading blogs, cannot be bad can it, with luck this shit will also join me at home reading blogs.