Thursday 27 May 2010

Who will make the most surprising nomination?

A short post on the Staggers blog.

So far, its Frank Field for John McDonnell, from Eric Joyce for Ed Balls, Douglas Alexander for David Miliband, and David Lammy for Diane Abbott.

But extra points for anybody who wants to predict unlikely nominations which then come about.

I know of at least one strongly New Labour backbench MP who plans to nominate Diane Abbott, on grounds of wanting some gender balance in the voices we hear during the leadership debates.

But my long-shot outsider tip - based on no information at all - is for Tessa Jowell (a declared David Miliband supporter, who does not yet an official nominee) to be among who could help to ensure get Diane Abbott onto the ballot if she was near the 33 nominations but still needing support to cross the line. But perhaps we could hear from one or two New Labour men acting in the cause of a not all male race too, rather than seeing that as something which Labour's 81 women MPs should take responsibility for.

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