Friday 4 June 2010

How should Labour speak to England?, asks John Denham

John Denham MP will speak and lead a Fabian discussion on Labour's English challenge. on Tuesday 8th June, in Westminster, from 6.30pm - 8pm. (More event information).

The Conservatives won a majority of English seats in the 2010 General Election, with 39.6% of the English vote compared to 28.1 % for Labour and 24.2% for the Liberal Democrats.

Labour won only 10 of the 212 seats in the south, south-east and south-west outside London.

What are the lessons for Labour’s post-election inquest about what needs to change for it to win votes and seats across England in the next election?

The event is open to the public but it is necessary to RSVP to register and secure a place.

Please email genna.stawski [AT] (replace AT with @) if you would like to attend.

Next Left will run more on this theme in response to the event: please do share your views with us.


_______ said...

Labour needs to de-bureaucratize the welfare state, in order to secure more English votes. The English have much less patience for over bearing paternalist bureaucracies than the rest of the British.

England could do with it's own parliament to, so the English feel in greater control of their destiny, and prepared to pay higher taxes to reduce poverty.

Wyrdtimes said...

Finish devolution by giving the English the recognition and representation they deserve.

The Tories are weak on England. Labour can regain the edge by committing to the return of the English parliament.

Also the Barnett Formula needs to go. Lets have fair funding for all. Why should English folk have to sell their homes to pay for care when the Scots get it free? Why should English students pay for tuition fees while Scots get it free? Plus prescriptions, dental checks, eye tests, road/bridge tolls etc etc etc.

Fair funding and equal services for all.