Tuesday 18 January 2011

Language matters: how should unions make their case?

Our first blogs round-up from the Fabian conference included video clips of the Ed Miliband speech and the panel debate including Simon Hughes.

You can also see some video clips from the 'fairness after the cuts' session of the Fabian new year conference at the Unions 21YouTube channel, as the speakers addressed how trade unions use language to get their message across in the media, and the challenges posed by negative stereotypes of trade unions.

There's also some audio of Brendan Barber speaking at that panel, as well as Sue Ferns of Unions 21 speaking on mobilising power from below panel on audioboo.

Our thanks to Unions 21 for partnering with us on the fairness panel debate at Saturday's Fabian conference.

The Unions 21 annual conference on March 21st is on the theme of 'Unions, young people and the cuts'. This will report research with young people to better understand their views on union campaigns and activities in response to the current cuts in public services. You can find Unions 21 online at www.unions21.org.uk or follow their tweets at @Unions21

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Robert said...

What nothing about welfare state then, real NEW lIEBOUR.