Sunday 13 February 2011

Royal wedding or the referendum on AV? Which are you looking forward to?

"Which of these two events of national significance are you looking forward to more?"

That was The Observer panel question today, in their 'seven days' review of the week. Its in the paper, but I don't think its online too, so here's my take.

I will be more involved in the referendum, supporting a Yes vote for AV. I like the idea that everybody under AV can vote for their favourite candidate without weighing the odds or agonising about tactical votes. That’s better for Scottish Tories and Labour voters in the shires, UKIP and Green supporters.

We still won’t get to vote about the Monarchy, but that’s how most people want to keep it, so the Royal Wedding will get more attention. If I do watch it with my five year old daughter, Zarina, I will be worrying about how best to answer lots more questions about real life Princesses and how you get to become one when you grow up.

Any tips on whether or how to explain the Monarchy to small children would be welcome too.


Marjory said...

Never too young for the truth, Sunder. Give her the best thing, some sense - every girl can be a fairy 'princess' but this for real government in the adult world

Chris said...

Children are pefectly familiar with a system where arbitrary power is handed to people simply because of familial relationships. At least the Queen doesn't tell them that they have to eat the toast, not just lick the butter off it. I've got more problems explaining to my daughter that Batman doesn't exist in real life.

Sidenote: Good attempt by the Yes campaign to claim it, but isn't a Royal Wedding the sort of thing that could also make people think that existing systems that have been around for some time aren't so bad?

Robert said...

I do not know I think my kids will be out playing football when we vote, and they will be out playing football when the wedding takes place, and I will be out watching the football both times.

Voting for AV or watching people get married not the type of thing to catch my interest really......

Newmania said...

The queen`s role is symbolic and sacramental,she stands for us in our National moments.
Children slip into symbolic understanding quite naturally ( daddy`s being a crocodile)
The institution is defined by family just as our lives are and it stretches into the past via a living link just as we do.

Now you explain the appeal of President Blair

Then explain why European bureaucrats have more say in the way I live in my own country than my own elected Parliament .

If you can manage that explain why , despite endless objections we fling £17 billion over-seas when no-one wants to and we don`t have any money. You might demonstrate by taking your child`s toys away and handing them to passers by who look needy.

Children can be very wise and spot a hypocritical self imnportant fraud a mile off.