Friday 9 September 2011

Do you have one idea to win the next election? The Fabian Fringe at Labour 2011

Labour Party Conference is fast approaching and as with every year we’ll be running one of the largest fringe programmes on offer. Come and join us and our partners in Liverpool Town Hall, just five minutes walk from the Secure Zone. No conference pass is needed to secure attendance.

Do you have one idea to win the next election? If so please submit your ideas to Me and the winner will get to pitch their ideas to our Dragons in this year’s ‘Fabian Dragons’ Den entitled ‘One Idea to Win the Next Election’ (Sunday at 1pm).

Hazel Blears MP and Mehdi Hasan (Senior Editor New Statesmen, co-author ‘Ed: The Milibands and the making of a Labour leader’) will be joined by a special guest to pass judgement on your ideas.

To take part all you need to do is submit your pitch via e-mail and be ready and available to speak at The Fringe event itself. The pitch should be no more than 500 words and a few runners up will have their ideas posted on our prestigious and influential Fabian blog ‘Next Left’.

At the Fabians we are committed to involving our membership as much as possible in our events. A Fabian member will be on every panel and others are actively encouraged to ask questions from the floor.

Our traditional Dragons’ Den is just one event we’re doing this year. They’ll also be ‘Fabian Question Time: The Challenge for Labour’ featuring Yvette Cooper MP; ‘Is There Such a thing as Society?’ Featuring Andy Burnham MP and a discussion on the phone hacking scandal in our ‘Labour After Murdoch’ event featuring David Blunkett and Sadiq Khan MP.

Our programme consists of public facing fringe events set up to ignite debate and a series of specialist roundtables on a wide variety of topics. You can download a pdf of our full fringe programme here or read about it more on the website here


Robert said...

I do not know but I've spent a life time either in the Labour party voting for it or selling it to people in my work place. On September the 8th 1990 I was at work testing new equipment to see it was working correctly, it was not working and I fell 54ft to the ground, I broke my legs, Back, arm, I had massive internal injuries.

Two years later I went home from hospital to find I had been sacked, as the company argued they could not keep my position open.

But something was wrong I had serious problems with my bladder and bowel, I was taken back into hospital doctors said my Bladder and bowel had become lazy training is what was needed. Two years later that's four years since the accident, I was rushed to Stoke Maderville the reason I had a stroke, two days in the Spinal Injuries hospital I was transferred to a local hospital travelling at 15 mph. They found I had in fact damaged my spinal cord I was in fact Paraplegia, not because I could not walk but due to the loss of bowel and bladder.

I'm now suffering with my legs, after the took away two disc from my back an operation which went wrong and ended up with MRSA in the spinal cord.

OK now as you can see this is serious under the new regime of ESA I'm classed able to work because I can move a pound coin across a table by using my hands, and I can pick up an empty box.

The New ESA medical is a disgrace all pain or any mention of pain has been removed my pain is so bad unless I can have morphine then sadly I will go into a serious of fits this is due to the damaged to the nerves in my spine firing off for no reason. I've a morphine pump hidden under the skin attached to a muscles which delivers morphine to my spine which stops the fits.

Yet I've been deemed fit to work so I think the labour party should look at why Freud and Purnell delivered an ESA and WCA medical so bad it has caused massive concern to disabled, people, why is it labour has hit the poorest in society, Blair gave the pensioners a 75 p pension rise while delivering a 60% pay rise and pension rise and expenseses rise to MP's.

why is Labour against the working class and do not tell me the min wage is a great success it's not it's only at the same level as JSA, it's a disgrace in the world we have to day after gas electric and water people on JSA have to live on less then £30 a week.

When will Labour find it's socialism.

Alex said...

One idea to win the election? Abandon this bastardised 'neoliberalism with a red tinge' agenda and embrace a modern, respectable form of social democracy based on citizenship and solidarity, rather than militancy or the outdated "each according to his need".

The Danish Social Democrats have just won the General Election by advocating moderately high taxation, moderately high spending and access to services based on citizenship - not (supposed) need. Labour needs to learn a lesson.