Friday 23 September 2011


Some readers of Next Left will be familiar with the Young Fabians, others may only be vaguely aware that the Fabians have a dedicated section for under-31s. Run by volunteers, it is one of the most active areas of the society, with record membership reached during the last year. We thrive on being many things to many people, and Labour Party Conference in the coming days provides us an opportunity to show what the Young Fabians do, and what young people can get from membership.

The Young Fabians helps young people develop their thinking on policy and get their voices heard by senior politicians. We run skills workshops, and provide opportunities to write (for the YF Blog and our quarterly magazine, Anticipations). We organise UK campaigning days, lead foreign delegations, and hold socials for members to get to know each other. The Young Fabians is for people new to politics, for those looking to develop a professional network, and many more in between. At the heart of our work this year has been a commitment to involving and empowering young members in the society. Members can participate in a variety of ways and as little or as much as they want, from reading the magazine or organising their own events. We are the thinkers and doers of the left’s youth.

There will be two Young Fabian events at Labour Party Conference in Liverpool – one social and one policy-oriented. No conference passes are required and everyone is welcome (whatever your age!).

Young Fabian Reception
- supported by UNISON -
7pm-10pm, Sunday 25 September
Portico Cantina & Bar, Albert Dock (Britannia Pavilion), Liverpool
Drinks provided, all welcome
Speakers throughout the night: Sadiq Khan, Andy Burnham, Glenis Willmott, Lisa Nandy, Luciana Berger, Stephen Twigg, Kate Green, Adrian Prandle (Young Fabians), James Anthony (Unison)

Securing the future of the next generation
- fringe debate supported by ICAEW -
8am-9am, Tuesday 27 September
West Reception Room, Liverpool Town Hall
Breakfast provided, all welcome
Speakers: Andy Slaughter MP (Shadow Justice Minister); Joani Reid (leading YF ‘Next Generation’ Policy Commission); Rosie Chadwick (Catch 22); Fatima Hassan (ICAEW). Chair - Adrian Prandle (Chair, Young Fabians).

The fringe debate will tackle all important issues for Britain’s ‘squeezed youth’ and showcase the policy ideas and work of the Young Fabians Policy Commission dedicated to this important topic.

The Young Fabian Reception is a great opportunity to come and meet active Young Fabians and find out, in an informal environment, about all the great work we do. Please note that in Labour’s official conference guide, the event has been listed on the wrong day – so do make sure you don’t miss us on Sunday evening!

If you’d like to join the Young Fabians – or know someone under-31 who you think would be interested in getting involved – then take a look at all there is on offer and sign-up here: And don’t delay - all new members this week will be entered into a prize draw.

See you in Liverpool!

Adrian Prandle is Chair of the Young Fabians and also sits on the Fabian Society Executive Committee

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