Wednesday 3 December 2008

Are we any closer to an Iraq inquiry?

LibDem foreign affairs spokesman Ed Davey thinks that George Bush's expression of regret about the Iraq intelligence failures strengthens the case for an Iraq inquiry in Britain, and wants an announcement in the Queen's speech.

The Prime Minister accepted the principle of the need for an inquiry in correspondence with me last March.

I agree with you that there is a need to learn all possible lessons from the military action in Iraq and its aftermath. This Government has already acknowledged that there will come a time when it is appropriate to hold an inquiry. But whilst the whole effort of the Government and the armed forces is directed towards supporting the people and Government of Iraq as they forge a future based on reconciliation, democracy, prosperity and security, we believe that is not now.

This was widely reported as a significant development at the time.

There have been no public developments on the government's position on an inquiry since.

It could well have been thought inappropriate to make any major statement during the closing stages of a US General Election campaign. With the election now over, an announcement soon would make sense.

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