Friday 17 April 2009

Lane Kenworthy on inequality and what to do about it

Readers of Next Left who don't already visit Crooked Timber regularly might be interested in the posts by this week's guest blogger there, Lane Kenworthy, who has been writing about inequality and what to do about it. His focus is the USA, but the analysis may have wider relevance.

So far he has written on why inequality matters; the relevance of unionization; the limited role of education in causing/reducing inequality; why we shouldn't curtail globalization and free-trade; boosting the incomes of the bottom half through a higher minimum wage and expanded in-work benefits; and the role of public services. Very much worth a read!

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Sunder Katwala said...


Thanks for the tip. Over at Liberal Conspiracy, Chris Dillow has begun a discussion on why the left should argue for a smaller state.

I have contributed some traditional Fabian scepticism. Perhaps - either there or here - you should respond with some democratic republican reframing of that.