Monday 13 April 2009

So, who can make the stupidest point about the blogosphere?

There is a good case for a new political media award to be awarded to the mainstream media reporters or commentator who demonstrates the most profound ignorance of the internet.

The strong early contender from the Voice of The Mirror editorial this morning may be hard to beat. (Unless, of course, you dear reader know better).

The "smeargate" emails scandal has thrown open the weird world of political blogging. This blogosphere is largely populated by the cretinous, infantile forums of abuse dressed up as argument - pompous prigs of all political persuasions passing themselves off as intellectuals ... The schoolboy nature of No 10 aide Damian McBride's missives to Labour's resident flake Derek Draper confirms the real level of political debate on the internet. To call it moronic would be an insult to morons.

Just as that shouty argument you had last night confirms "the real level" of discussion on the telephone.

Presumably the moron being insulted is not the Mirror's very own Kevin Maguire, mounting his spectacularly ill-judged defence of McBride and Draper on the Mirror blog: "And just what is the truth of Cameron's alleged embarrassing complaint of a highly personal nature? I, like the drinkers in the Steamboat, Alum and Riverside, would like to know".

Like the Mirror editorial, this simply confirms the real level of political debate in the newspapers. To call it moronic ....

[is that enough - ed?]

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