Friday 3 July 2009

Palin resigns ... what does it mean for 2012

Sarah Palin is to resign this month as Alaska governor.

What does it mean for the 2012 Presidential race?

My snap thoughts. Perhaps the following:

1. Palin is running for the GOP nominee. The 2012 race is on. Though this is hardly the way to counter the massive lack of experience and credibility nationally problem.

2. Even so, she is right now the Republican frontrunner for 2012: the candidate of the right. Others may struggle to match her for profile and money. (Let's hope it doesn't go to her head).

3. The Republicans are in big trouble if she is the nominee. (Nb: leftie media bias here).

Let me take my partisan blinkers off ...

Let's see. Yes, the GOP are in big trouble if she is the nominee.

4. The GOP establishment might like to stop her - but who is the party establishment now anyway? How many battalions do they have? Can they see off the base?

5. Perhaps the search is on for 'anybody but Palin'. She could self-destruct of course. But if she is in it, it will be a strange and angry race.

For somebody (Mitt Romney? who else?) to beat her, they may have to make major concessions to the Palinistas to unite the party.

So perhaps what it means, above all, is rather good news for the campaign to re-elect President Barack Obama.

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Robert said...

I would say Obama can count on another term then, easy..