Thursday 9 July 2009

The Sunday Times investigates ...

Michael Crick said on Newsnight that how a story like the News of the World bugging story develops will often depend on what the Sunday newspapers will dig up.

But, in this case, he was not sure they would all have the appetite to do so?

I don't know about that, because they do seem to like to get their teeth into a media story.

For example, the main news section of the Sunday Times a fortnight ago contained a front-page news story, a Focus page 'big bags of cash', a Sunday Times editorial 'big, bloated and complacent', a Rod Liddle column (which found them disappointingly unlavish but stuck to the party line) and, just for good measure,a Scarfe cartoon all attacking the BBC over expenditure and expenses.

They were probably a little short of space, as they followed up with a double-page spread on expenses and pensions the following Sunday too.

Naturally, the BBC went to great pains to show it would report and scrutinise itself to demonstrate its journalistic integrity, even as many commentators thought the story rather over-done.

So I am sure we can have every confidence that the Sunday Times will leave few stones unturned in investigating the News International bugging scandal this coming Sunday.

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