Friday 14 August 2009

Or tweet to abolish the NHS, if you prefer

Fed up with all the #welovetheNHS love?

Disappointed at David Cameron's embrace of Labour's greatest historic achievement?

Then why not join the audacious campaign to make #notoNHS the "no 1 tweeting trend".

I doubt it is going to happen - its a bit sparse at first, and several of the initial contributions are sarcastic, but perhaps the US wing-nuts will help out.

But good luck.

Who are Progressive Vision, some of you may be wondering?

I did a little bit of digging in the Spring.

They issue media statements in favour of deregulating everything to generate a lot of media airtime.

And they do so while realising the productivity efficiencies of not apparently needing to produce any research publications to back up their media advocacy.

I think that you could more fairly describe them as a "talk-tank" more than a campaigning "think-tank".

And I don't know if their commitment to evidence-based debate is completely consistent with their position of "not taking stance on the validity of the science of anthropogenic climate change".

PS: I did email the organisation before writing about them on Liberal Conspiracy to ask if there were any research or publication outputs from their first 18 months which were not on the website, but did not receive a response. Next Left will be pleased to hear from them too, of course.

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