Friday 13 November 2009

The Jedward factor

The Jedwardisation of political debate continues apace.

And the Labour party must have been secretly relieved when Simon Cowell sent the X-Factor run-off into 'deadlock' last week, allowing the public to save the tone deaf 'Jedward' twins.

The Mirror reports a new online advertising campaign portraying the boys George and Dave as the terrible twins, with the slogan 'You won't be laughing if they win'.

David Cameron has admitted he is supporting the duo, while Gordon Brown is less impressed.

Indeed, Cameron ought to be arguing that they should have been declared winners under first-past-the-post back in week one. But, despite a last ditch debate in Cabinet and the new anti-Tory campaign, it does not seem that the government is yet ready to take Next Left's advice, by showing why the dreaded Jedward make the case for electoral reform.

Hat tip: Iain Dale.

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