Monday 9 November 2009

Obama: I would go to Copenhagen to clinch deal

President Obama would attend December's Copenhagen summit if he believes his presence will make the difference in securing a meaningful agreeement. Reuters has this news tonight.

It is particularly good of the President to so quickly personally confirm Next Left's report on Saturday from our Global Change We Need conference on the possibility of a White House change of mind, following earlier White House statements that the President would not attend:

Obama said today:

"If I am confident that all of the countries involved are bargaining in good faith and we are on the brink of a meaningful agreement and my presence in Copenhagen will make a difference in tipping us over edge then certainly that's something that I will do," Obama told Reuters in an interview.

Jennifer Palmieri of the influential Center for American Progress think-tank, speaking to Saturday's Fabian Global Change We Need conference, set out the case for the President attending and why she believed this remained an open issue within the administration.

It may yet not happen. The danger of returning empty handed twice from the Danish capital will worry the White House if a deal seems difficult to secure.

But this is the most positive statement yet. And the development will be welcomed by Gordon Brown, who has been advocating that heads of government do attend the summit.

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