Friday 11 December 2009

Labour Campaign for International Development

Labour members and supporters who think the post-1997 record on international development is among the most positive achievements of the Labour government, and who want to keep development high on the political agenda, should be pleased to hear about the Labour Campaign for International Development.

The new group aims to keep international development high on the political agenda, and to help to link campaigning among party members, trade unions and socialist societies in the labour movement with civic society groups working on development

It is campaigning at to back a for Britain to keep its promise to increase aid to 0.7% of national income by 2013, and to commit in law for doing so, and is asking people to identify two things - one thing they like in Labour's development record, and one thing they would like to see done better.


Another development blog, from Duncan Green of Oxfam, who is head of research, offers a very useful set of What to read on Copenhagen links.

And the Global Dashboard blog is a thought-provoking group blog edited by Alex Evans and David Steven.

I'd welcome recommendations of other key development and climate blogs - as well as ideas about the most important priorities for deepening the development agenda.

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alexevansuk said...

Thanks for the Global Dashboard plug :-)

Development blogs I really like:
- Owen Barder
- Chris Blattman
- Dan Smith
- Dan Drezner

And on climate and scarcity:
- Real Climate
- New Security Beat
- WSJ Environmental Capital
- OurWorld2.0