Wednesday 24 March 2010

Where's George?

It's budget day. We've heard from David Cameron; Phillip Hammond is ever-present on the TV screens.

The question being asked on twitter is "Where's George?"

LabourList wonders if Vinay Nair's Fabian conference pitch tipped the Tories off too soon.

Has the Osborne invisibility strategy for the election campaign - "The Tories say Mr Osborne will concentrate on his behind-the-scenes role as the Tories’ Election mastermind and will make occasional public appearances" - already begun?

We want George! Bring back George!

Liberal Conspiracy has a selection from the live budget chat.

Lots of detailed analysis at Left Foot Forward.

1 comment:

Robert said...

I see Labour are going to employ better managers in the NHS who will cut £555 million in sickness benefits, he has just said that he is going to do it by moving the people who are always sick out of the job, I thought the sick and the disabled could now have better protection this nerd is going to sack them.

What a bloody joke.

Another said we can save in the Police how he was asked, well for one thing we can buy uniforms from cheaper suppliers.

this is a mess of a government on it's knee's...