Tuesday 30 March 2010

Willetts v Katwala

OK, its not quite Darling v Osborne v Cable.

But here's a very special pre-Easter treat for politicos looking for their next debate fix.

Head over to The Economist website, and you can join in the head-to-head debate between David Willetts and myself, where we are debating the motion

This House believes that New Labour has failed.

The format is broadly Oxford Union comes to cyberspace, in three rounds over the next week. An introduction from the moderator Andrew Miller, and our opening statements have just gone online, and the floor is open for reader comments.

I'll be filing a response on Wednesday and a closing statement on Friday. So have your say over there - but feel free to leave me tips and advice for rebuttals here too!

1 comment:

Robert said...

Has new labour failed, I do not think so, it has worked well for the people it was aimed at,middle England.

sadly the lowest of the lowest in this country now, the sick the disabled the poorest of the pensioners must look now at voting for other smaller parties in the hope we can get around the love affair of new labour and Newer Tories.