Thursday 22 July 2010

Share the news of your #CLPVote

The David Miliband campaign today stressed its belief that it retains the momentum in the Labour leadership race, after the Unison endorsement for Ed Miliband had seen several bookmakers trim the odds, reflecting the perception of a closer contest.

It felt like "Super Thursday" in the CLP nomination race. LabourList have the most up-to-date tallies, and earlier tonight were showing the David Miliband campaign (135) being pursued by Ed Miliband (117) with Andy Burnham (30), Diane Abbott (19) and Ed Balls (10), while awaiting 15 more declarations.

These nominations themselves are a mixed bag. Some CLPs are nominating on a first-past-the-post system, and others doing what the guidance to CLPs suggests and using a an alternative vote system. (Those patterns might provide some examples of how second preferences are making an impact). The size of meetings vary, and whether General Committees or all member-meetings get to vote.

Will Straw writes that Left Foot Forward is seeking help to crowd-source and make public as much information as possible about the CLP nominations.

Anybody with information about their local CLP nomination should post it in the comments section below or tweet them using the #CLPVote hashtag. We are interested in constituency name, candidate nominated, methodology (ie first-past-the-post or transferable voting), and scores in the 1st round of voting (ie before any candidates were knocked out).

The CLP nominations are unlikely to drive support, though the campaigns believe momentum matters, but they do reveal it. The (perhaps 5000+) active party members who will participate in the nominations will have different characteristics to the broader membership, notably in levels of activism, engagement and knowledge. And a sample of CLPs which is well short of a full aggregation will need a health-warning too.

But, until anybody were to conduct an independent poll of the Labour membership, it will be one of the few pieces of interesting information about how members are reacting to the contest.

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