Friday 16 July 2010

What Zac got right

Tory MP Zac Goldsmith appeared to think he did jolly well in his interview on Channel 4 News tonight, so vigorously rebutting questions about his election expenses by railing against Jon Snow.

Fans of the Goldsmith gene pool will have particularly enjoyed his brave decision to break with British political custom and practice by issuing threats against the media.

"Either they will decide not to look at it - in which case you want to watch it. Or they will decide to look at it and give me a green light - in which case you want to watch it," he said.

With ConservativeHome calling it for Zac, Next Left is rather disappointed to find less support for the Coalition over at LibDemVoice, where they somehow manage to take the partisan view that this was "car crash" TV in which the idealistic plutocrat somehow made a prat of himself.

If Zac's political career might prove shorter than many had hoped, it would be quite wrong for it to be remembered only for that interview.

So can we now also find time to praise his maiden speech, with its timely and topical argument for Sacking MPs who lose the trust of their constituents:

This Parliament needs to act decisively to shorten the distance between people and power.

That should be one of our priorities. It should be possible for people to recall and eventually possibly boot out councillors and MPs, not just for committing crimes but simply because they have lost the trust and respect of their constituents.

Well said!

Despite the bluster, Zac has questions to answer about his election expenses, which "everybody was doing it" may not cover. In particular, it may well be that claiming for election posters saying "Zac Goldsmith, Vote Conservative" with a picture only of Zac on them against a Council candidate's expenses may well breach the letter of the law, and not only its spirit.

The maiden speech may offer an honourable way out for everybody involved.

Perhaps one way we could all back Zac would be to sack Zac.

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