Saturday 28 August 2010

Why did David Miliband cross the road?, asks Lily Allen

I tried to identify how any remaining endorsements in the Labour leadership campaign might play out in a LeftFootForward post on Friday.

But I was blind-sided by Lily Allen's attempt to swing the race. (A silly mistake when is far from Allen's first political intervention - as fans of her "Fuck you" ode to the George W Bush legacy will know. Allen is staunchly Labour, and has campaigned on green issues).

Political Scrapbook has the amusing story of a bit of banter between Lily Allen and David Miliband over the merits of Masala Zone as a curry house.

That ended with the popstar offering this endorsement of a rival candidate. It could prove a game-changer - except that only a minority of Allen's 2,308,654 twitter followers will have a ballot in the contest.

Why did David Milliband cross the road ?

To get to the middle.......#VoteEd

In the context of some Miliband-banter with David, I take that to be an endorsement of his brother, though Scrapbook does not rule out the possibility it refers to Balls.

Still, that could stake a decent claim to be the best joke of the Labour leadership campaign so far (though I am not aware of oodles of competition).

Unless you, dear reader, know better ...


Liza said...

David Miliband was being as genuine as ever and all Lily Allen was trying to do was sway the vote in favour of whichever Ed!
Who really gives a shit what she thinks apart from her 2.3 million followers - she doesn't own twitter!
Does Lily really understand politics?
Is Lily a great representation of those who's lives really depend on the success of the Labour Party?
No, I didn't think so - I'll come for a curry with you David anyday - your real supporters don't need no fancy restaurants ;-)

Sunder Katwala said...


It really doesn't seem such a big deal, but it is quite a funny exchange.

Anonymous said...

Anything that deflects votes away from David Moribund is a vote winner as far as I am concerned. Have people forgotten already how this man tried to suppress evidence in relation to torture allegations on British subjects? This man is as right-wing as Nick Clegg! Liza would go for a curry with him. Please do. Make sure it's a hot one and it burns the palate off this vile Blairite hypocrite.

Chris Brooke said...

Do we need additional jokes in a leadership contest that already features Andy Burnham?

Unknown said...

What's the difference between Andy Burnham and a box of hair?
A box of hair can inspire the Labour membership.

What does a box of hair and David Miliband have in common?
Both have upheld the highest legal and moral standards a bloo bloo bloo

What else does David Miliband have in common with the box of hair?
The box on its own is electable.

What's the difference between the charisma of Ed Balls & that of a polished veruca?
It's a trick question, there is no difference.