Wednesday 29 April 2009

The buzz on the Swiss streets

To continue the debate about living in Switzerland or Britain, a new Mercer poll called the Worldwide Quality of Living Survey, stimulates further debate by placing Zurich and Geneva in the top five.
Berne also features in the top ten, but British cities come almost nowhere. London gets the somewhat faint praise of 8th place for European cities with the best infrastructure. The survey assesses its league table on the base of crime, security, air pollution, schools, supermakets and public transport.
Vienna, rather surprisingly, comes top.
Vienna is great for long weekends and coffee shops, but it does have a very staid quality - not much change, not much energy - and lots of fur coats in winter worn by women with a rather severe look.
But if you are looking for a very good hot chocolate it is definitely up there.
However, back to the Swiss versus GB conundrum - surely we can agree that Switzerland is best for chocolate and lakes and quiet, Britain is better for buzz.

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LC said...

But is buzz better? I guess it depends whether one is a buzzor or buzzee