Wednesday 22 April 2009

Trust is the answer

Guest post by Fatima Hassan.

It’s officially b-day. Now that the numbers are crunched and the figures revealed – the government will need to prove it can be trusted to pull Britain out of its deepest recession. Not only is the role of trust key; it’s essential in winning the public argument on fairness.
But today’s budget only referenced trust in two contexts: building ‘trust’ in the banking system and restoring ‘trust’ in the global financial system.
Well, that’s all great Darling, but what the public want to hear and need to hear is that Labour can be trusted to get the job done.
The budget should have been bolder in emphasising how the government can be trusted to pull us out of this mess and trusted in putting the policies in place to hold those accountable for causing it.
Labour should be shouting from the rooftops that because of this Labour government’s public savings are protected in nationalised banks; it’s because of this Labour government that the super-rich are now taxed at a higher rate; it’s because of this Labour government that corporate tax avoiders will be held to account; it’s because of this Labour government that more young people are entering higher education and re-entering the job market through government schemes such as job centre plus.
Could the Conservatives be trusted to do the same? Very doubtful.
The challenge lies in getting the message of trust into the public domain. I think it’s time we talk about the value of trust and the Fabians hope to take this debate forward at their upcoming seminar with John McFall MP called ‘Trust & the City’.

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Robert said...

So you think bull shitting the public will some how make it OK, sadly we have seen the Real new labour the control freaks, we have seen people killed by Police doing the duty of this government, we have seen a leader going on U Tube and looking like some comedian off Monty Python, right off the top I'd say an idiot.

We have Darling explaining why we are in so much debt, we have New Labour who said they not put up tax, I've got serious problems over the debt we are in, but now the Welfare Reforms are understandable, all the bull shit by Purnell, Labour cannot afford our welfare.

Trust New labour the party that has no answer to the global economy except to borrow. Look out at the next election