Monday 1 September 2008

The Adventures of Sarah Palin

So now we know, the much-heralded new VP candidate for the Republicans is Alaska governor Sarah Palin. The question is whether this is a smart move by the right, or whether it will rebound. Obviously it makes it difficult for McCain and crew to criticisize Obama for lack of foreign policy experience and relative youth. Although the fightback seems to have begun by arguing she is the governor of a state that borders two countries, Canada and Russia. Big deal. Has she had to negotiate a deal with them yet? Does she know anything about Russia or Canada's foreign, let alone domestic, policy? Awareness of other national cultures and the differences between them and the US would be a valuable asset for the next president of the US whoever it might be. Significantly lacking in George Bush - the ability to understand whether another country's position is based on, and why they might be "pissed off" to quote Alistair Darling on something completely different, would be a valuable tool in the ability to negotiate more smoothly.

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