Sunday 21 September 2008

Cruddas: It could still be game on

MP Jon Cruddas has not written off Labour winning the next election. He thinks the party has grown up in the last few weeks, he said at a Fabian fringe, The Election Starts Here.

He said: "I can't accept it's inevitable that we lose." "It's a more mature party than it has been before....if we go and confront the electorate with a radical programme things could change."

Nothing was set in stone, and then it could be "Game on, if we get our act together over the next few months."

At the debate Secretary of State Ed Balls said: " We could go unite and fight. In 1986 Margaret Thatcher was 20% behind in the polls and came back and won."

Cruddas added: This is tough stuff and anyone who assumes that there some sort of easy path out of this and it is based around an individual is delusional."

The Dagenham MP said that was needed was to create "a vision of the good society we want to create and take it to the Tories. I see evidence this week that we do."

In reaction to polls showing Labour behind in the polls, Balls said: "The next year it can be turned around. We have to show the backbone and resilence to keep fighting."

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