Tuesday 23 September 2008

Ming's Paddytastic insomnia cure

Ming Campbell was a hit on the Labour fringe with several witty and warm reflections on being a long-time advocate of progressive cooperation at the Fabian/CentreForum event, ranging from drinking whisky with a "rather tribal" John Smith at two o'clock in the morning ("Why are you an [effing] Liberal? You should be Labour? Both of your parents were Labour?") and spoke warmly of his personal relationship with Robin Cook and the significant progressive gains made on foreign policy before Charles Kennedy pulled the plug on cooperation.

There is a sense in which we are cooperation with Labour MPs: we cooperate with the rebels in the House of Commons

His best line ...

If any of you suffer from insomnia, read Paddy Ashdown’s diaries and it is all described in detail.

If that agenda on constitutional cooperation have been carried through, then the prospects would have been very considerably advanced.

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