Tuesday 6 January 2009

The boy George, Ken Clarke and a Jimmy Hill moment

Many years ago, at school, the smart sarcastic thing was to scratch your chin and make references to Jimmy Hill "itchy chin" and "chinny reckon" if somebody was being just a little implausible.

Now that is a little bit 'playground' for such an esteemed public figure as the Shadow Chancellor, to say nothing of an ancient serious think-tank, but for some unfathomable reason, that image just flashed into my mind when I saw this this Telegraph news report, which effectively confirms that Ken Clarke is coming back.

And what do you know, but it was the Boy George's idea all along ... What an Osborne pushes for Ken Clarke's return fantabulous surprise.

Some believed that Mr Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, would be against Mr Clarke's return as it would undermine him.

However, The Daily Telegraph has learnt that contrary to those reports, Mr Osborne has been actively lobbying for his return. He has told friends that he works well with Mr Clarke and values his advice.

One friend of Mr Osborne's said: "George has been talking to Ken about his return and Ken has been very supportive of George. The two get on very well and George would not have a problem with him coming back - in fact is pushing for it."

Ooh. Itchy, itchy chin.

That's better.

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