Sunday 18 January 2009

Labourspace looks very interesting. I assume the new site was partly inspired by the Obama 'Ideas for Change' competition

I wasn't aware of it until Ed Miliband suggested in his Fabian speech on Saturday that it will be launched this week.

Of course, there is more we could do, and in all these areas, our economy, our society, our democracy, we need a manifesto that is radical and transformative and we need your ideas and input.

The Fabians have argued we need to open up the process and I agree. Next week we will be launching a dialogue on the internet precisely designed to stimulate ideas.
Between now and the manifesto it will be canvassing the best ideas, and a chance for a two way dialogue, so please go to from next Wednesday. And in many other ways, we need to open out the process and I want to hear your thoughts on this during the course of today.

And LabourSpace looks very much like it could well be the first serious step in the opening up that we have been advocating - both very recently and for some time.

Here is a brief explanation from the site.

Labourspace lets you quickly and easily set up a campaign and share your ideas with the Labourspace community. If you start a campaign which gains the most popular support your ideas will be bought to the attention of senior Labour politicians - your campaign could give you the opportunity to change the world! You'll win if you have the idea with the highest net support (supporters - detractors). All you need is to get the most support for your idea - it's all about people power really!

Like the Downing Street petitions site, it will no doubt attract the trolls and cynics. But it will be up to progressives to use it constructively too.

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Sunder Katwala said...

Jon Worth makes a very good point contrasting the party branding of the new site with the decidedly non-party Obama design, suggesting that this will make it harder to engage broader constituencies. (And the LabourSpace site is probably primarily aimed at engaging party members first).