Thursday 15 January 2009

Five positive things you could do about the Middle East

That is the theme of my first post on the new LabourList website. You can read the whole thing - with more links and resources - there, but here are some of the suggestions.

1. Add your voice to calls for a cessation of violence and a fair peace settlement.

The Avaaz petition has almost half a million signatures, and is seeking to double that.

2. Support humanitarian relief for Gaza - perhaps through the TUC Give to Gaza appeal.

3. Get informed. Reject the view that peace is impossible - and back the international pressure needed from the new US government, Britain, Europe and the Arab world.

In addition to the links in the article, I could also have given the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information and the Peace Now campaign in Israel.

4. Avoid 'whataboutery' to raise the tone of the debate when we talk about the Middle East in Britain

5. Promote cross-community dialogue in the UK too.

One modest suggestion is that, while the new Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East will differ from Labour Friends of Israel, they should consider working together to bring all of the friends of Israel and Palestine in the Labour party to ask what more we can do to promote a fair peace settlement.

The full article.

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