Wednesday 28 January 2009

The latest news as it happens from The Guardian

Strangely, a report covering what happened in an episode of University Challenge on Monday evening seems to have turned up as page 5 lead story in today's Guardian. Should we assume it was a very light news day? The thrust of the story seems to be that Exeter University lost to an Oxbridge college in a rather embarassing defeat.
As a University Challenge fan, who actually watched the pre-recorded show when it was broadcast on Monday, I am slightly bemused by the prominence given to this story, two days after the event.
This scoop of comments from the programme pushed back stories on government moves to restart the car industy, the cabinet being ordered to disclose records on Iraq, and a report on a major social attitudes study on the environment.
What's going over there? I think we should be told.


Sunder Katwala said...

While Exeter did well to get to the quarter finals, will this crushing defeat at the hands of the (tiny) Corpus Christi college prove a blow to those campaigning for that important radical egalitarian cause that the Oxbridge colleges should not be allowed separate teams?

Rachael Jolley said...

Well Sunder surely the argument is that every team should get "fair chances", and that under a reformed system one Oxford team would get a fair chance to beat one team from Exeter, and whoever gets the best score wins. That's it. And we don't get a two semi finals with four Oxford teams because that is not a fair reflection of the each university getting a fair chance