Saturday 29 May 2010

Dear David, Ed and Ed

Dear David Miliband, Ed Balls and Ed Miliband,

Many congratulations on your securing the nominations from MPs to secure your place in the ballot for the Labour party leadership. Like many party members and supporters, I am looking forward to a leadership debate and election which can energise and mobilise the party and begin the party's route back to power.

Each of you have talked about how you personally would like to see the widest possible field of candidates in the leadership election.

There is one simple, practical step which you could now each take to help to make that possible.

So I am writing to each of you to ask if you would be willing to tell MPs that you are not now seeking further formal nominations for leader, in the event that your rival candidates for the leadership who have reached the nomination threshold were willing to do the same thing.

Nominations are not votes - and this would not of course provide any bar to continuing to release further public statements of support from MPs and others advocating that you would be the best candidate to lead our party, including from some who may at the same time choose to formally nominate another candidate to extend the field and the leadership debate.

Best wishes and good luck,

Sunder Katwala
General Secretary
Fabian Society


Harry Barnes said...

All power to your elbow

Jane Chelliah said...

All the best to all the candidates. I am watching this leadership contest with great interest to see where Labour positions itself next.