Thursday 6 May 2010

Why David Cameron is "Change" that Murdoch Can Believe In

Here's the mystery. If David Cameron really was the candidate of change in British politics, why have the right-wing tabloid newspapers been so desperate to help him win?

Rupert Murdoch's The Sun portrays David Cameron as Obama on election day - and Liberal Conspiracy has the immediate blogosphere spoofs.

The Sun does not seem to mention that both Rupert Murdoch and Cameron backed John McCain for the US Presidency.

But have The Sun and other aggressively right-wing titles like the Daily Mail been secret advocates of the progressive Obama agenda without anybody realising it?

Surely the answer is simple. David Cameron must be Change that They Can Believe in.

Here's why.

David Cameron represents Change that Rupert Murdoch can believe in:

1. After pressure from Murdoch, Cameron announced that "Ofcom as we know it will cease to exist", proposing to strip the broadcasting regulator's powers shortly after it announced that BSkyB must reduce its prices.

2. James Murdoch has called the expansion of the BBC "chilling". Cameron agrees that the BBC is too powerful - and has voted to reduce its size and income.

3. Cameron has shown he will listen to the Murdoch press over who to promote and sack. Cameron was willing to ditch his Shadow Home Secretary and appoint Chris Grayling instead when this was made a pre-condition of winning The Sun's backing.

4. Cameron has kept senior ex-Murdoch editor Andy Coulson as his right-hand man, resisting pressure from supporters as well as opponents to ditch him over illegal phone-tapping while he was News of the World editor.

5. Cameron will oppose voting reform, which the right-wing papers vehemently oppose, partly because as former Sun editor David Yelland argues, they fear it would reduce their power and influence.

That all counts as the type of change Rupert Murdoch can believe in. That helps to explain why The Sun's political editor told fellow journalists "its my fucking job to make sure David Cameron gets elected", and why even the broadsheet Times has spiked news that would embarrass the Tories.

David Cameron represents change the Daily Mail can believe in too:

Despite the modern "progressive Conservative" branding, much of the policy agenda speaks to the socially conservative core vote.

1. He will introduce a marriage tax break, which is designed to exclude most married couples if both husband and wife work.

2. Cameron will make Parliamentary time to repeal the fox-hunting ban - and vote for hunting himself.

3. Cameron will make Parliamentary time to reduce the abortion time limit - and vote for a reduction himself.

4. Cameron will cut inheritance tax to give £ £2 million can be inherited tax free, even though the first £325,0000 (or £650,000 for couples) is tax free now.

5. Cameron supports legislating to introduce an annual legal cap on immigration.

So if you own a right-wing newspaper, David Cameron certainly sounds like Change You Can Believe in.

But if you don't, the choice is yours to make.

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Aceofspades said...

Frightening how that useless fruitcake Murdoch can hold so much sway.