Sunday 14 September 2008

Labour and the LibDems: allies or enemies?

I'm off to Bournemouth to find out what Vince Cable, Charles Clarke, David Lammy and Stephen Williams have to say about that, in a fringe we are holding with CentreForum. Will report back this evening.

Sunday 14th September, 13.00

Fabian Society and CentreForum

Labour and the Liberal Democrats: allies or enemies?
with Charles Clarke MP, David Lammy MP, Vince Cable MP, Stephen Williams MP. Chair: Michael White (the Guardian)

Bryanston Suite, Highcliff Marriott, Bournemouth

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Stuart White said...

I hope you will remember to ask the Lib Dems why, if they are so progressive, they plan to help finance their tax cuts by scrapping the Child Trust Fund - the first ever policy to guarantee every citizen some capital of their own at 18, and an excellent embodiment of that old Liberal slogan, 'Ownership for All'.