Monday 28 September 2009

"The right position for Britain is to be unambiguously pro-Europe and unambiguously pro-reform," says Miliband.

David Miliband put Britain at the heart of Europe at a Fabian discussion on how Labour will win a fourth term on foreign policy. “Pro-Europe, pro-reform is the right place to be. Our future, not just as an economy but as a foreign policy player is tied up with our membership of the European Union. It is not the sum total of our foreign policy but it is a big part of it.”

Speaking at the Fabian Labour conference fringe event, David Miliband In Conversation: How Labour will win a fourth term on foreign policy, Miliband explained why foreign policy is also important in the upcoming election:
"“I think that the economy is the central feature of political life in industrialised and developing countries. If we are honest about our own insight, it’s no longer possible to separate the foreign from the domestic."

He continued: "The old notions of solidarity and community are as important as ever but have to be applied beyond our borders. We are in a war in Afghanistan, which has cost lives. We are a member of the Security Council facing the biggest challenge to the non-proliferation treaty in generations, with Iran. We are in a leading place in Europe. Our European future is important. for all the issues, like immigration and climate change. The same tests we apply to ourselves and the opposition should be applied to foreign policy as well."

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