Saturday 26 September 2009

Yellow peril for PoliticsHome as Clegg and Cable depart

News that LibDem leader Nick Clegg and deputy Vince Cable has left the PoliticsHome insider panel, after the site was bought by Tory deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft will surely bring to an end any debate about whether the website can continue to run a credible "insider panel".

James Graham has the scoop - and he is calling for all other LibDems to boycott the insider panel.

LibDemVoice has more.

Other new departures reported at Liberal Conspiracy include Stryker McGuire of Time magazine, Andy McSmith of The Independent, Sir Jeremy Beecham, Labour MP Kitty Ussher and Green London candidate Sian Berry.

Freddie Sayers of Politics Home yesterday published a response to my methodological concerns over the credibility of the PH100 insider panel. You can read it all here.

Your points are logical - these are all things that *could* go wrong if you were trying to conduct an exactly weighted representative poll of people in Westminster politics.

Even were it not overtaken by events, this was a very weak response, using the disappointing PR textbook technique of answering questions which nobody has asked, ignoring my questions as to how the site could ensure would remain “broadly credible as broadly representative” as verified by independent expert voices exercising “qualitative political judgement”.

There was more discussion at Left Foot Forward.

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