Sunday 20 September 2009

So what is Dave smoking?

Had a very enjoyable day in Bournemouth at the LibDem conference. My two year old got to chat with Shirley Williams, and we all escaped to the beach after our lunchtime fringe.

And David Cameron's Observer love letter to the LibDems today left the goal open for a rather obvious response.

When David Cameron claims you can’t put a cigarette paper between the Tories and Liberal Democrats, it makes you wonder what he’s smoking ... which remains one of the great unanswered questions of British politics.

But I may have done something for cross-factional LibDem harmony, as this seems to have won the approval of the leading LibDem blogosphere champions of both social liberalism and libertarianism, in James Graham and Alix Mortimer.

Few LibDems are having any trouble working out that Mr Cameron is rather more Mr Wickham than Mr Darcy, but I wish them every success in their efforts to see off this most unsuitable suitor.

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