Saturday 16 January 2010

Causes to fight for: the preview

There will be live tweeting on #fab10 and from @thefabians with reports on the Fabian website and the Next Left blog. (More on tweeting the conference).

There will be live coverage from LabourList, under Young Fabian editorship.

Gordon Brown makes his election pitch

Gordon Brown writes in The Guardian on how to combine social justice and social mobility.

The Guardian previews the PM's first major speech of the election year

The Times reports that the speech will begin an election battle for the middle classes, as does the Daily Mail.

The Telegraph reports on the Brown speech, and that our lunchtime speaker Peter Mandelson wants the 50p top rate to be as temporary as possible. Mandelson speaks to The Telegraph.

Sunder Katwala blogs on how Fabian research showing why the battle for the middle matters

The Causes to Fight For debates

Equality of what? Stuart White explains the arguments

Tribes or causes? Will Straw says the era of two party politics is over.

The first twitter election? Don't believe the hype, says Nick Anstead

Which is the real David Cameron? We look at the Spectator's argument that the search for coherence is futile.

Should we do God? Could the left find lessons from its history?

How can Labour reconnect? Sunder Katwala writes for the Staggers on reconnecting with the liberal-left.

Defending politics itself must be a cause to fight for, argues David Miliband for LabourList durng.

How do we stop the far right? At least the Mail isn't running "Hurrah for Nick Griffin" editorials this time around.

And finally ... Guido Fawkes warns against the "tweeting mob" of today's "evil" Fabian conference. Next Left ripostes.


Newmania said...

In what sense is Nick Griffin far Right? His cheif inspiration is Stasserism as I understand it , the left wing of the Nazis themselves left wing organisation.

He is also a Nationlaist true but would you call the PLO or the IRA , far right ?

Unknown said...

check out "The Outlaw Gordon Brown"