Saturday 16 January 2010

Lord Mandelson: "Labour are the real changemakers in British politics"

Lord Mandelson argued that the Labour Party represented the only genuine option for political change in British politics while addressing a Young Fabian event at the Fabian Society's New Year Conference.

"The country is still feeling a little fragile from what we have gone through in the last 18 months, and the country wants to be given hope. The Tories say they offer austerity, they say there's no choice, but it's their choice to offer austerity, they're choosing to deliberate, to close down parts of government. They want to slice up public services - that's their choice - but they want people to believe there's no alternative."

Lord Mandelson argued that the Conservative party are not capable of being the party of change because they do not understand changes that are taking place in Britain:

"We are forward looking, we are moving with the times, while the Tories are Conservative in every sense of the term. When people say they want change - they are dead right, we are the real changemakers in British politics. That's what we are going to offer - change for good, and change for Labour. This is going to be a big choice election, a big choice between the airbrushed instincts of a Tory party that fundamentally have not changed and a clear radical manifesto from Labour."

The Young Fabians are currently guest editing Labour List


Silent Hunter said...

Yeah right. Labour have changed the country alright.

Labour have changed us from country in surplus to the biggest deficit in our history.
From a country a ease with itself to one riven by strife.

Labour have BROKEN our society.

Well done guys - what's it like supporting the fucking British answer to the nazi party?

Robert said...

I have to agree labour came to power as labour changed to new labour then headed down the Thatcher route, it broke down and labour could not control it except by throwing money at it. And then keep on throwing money, Companies went bust in need of loans and labour did sod all, but as soon as the Banks demanded more, more was given.

I cannot vote for this bunch of morons or Gordon brown, sadly even the left now look like lost children hanging on for crumbs.