Saturday 16 January 2010

Gordon Brown: Conservative party is a 'risk' to the middle classes

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called the Conservative party a 'risk' to the families on middle and modest incomes, while speaking at the Fabian Society New Year Conference.

"I would say the first risk to middle as well as modest income families comes from those who have no sense that we need an industrial strategy to create the jobs of the future. The risk comes from the Conservative party, who oppose the very investments that are required for the jobs of the next generation."

The Prime Minister explained that the Conservative attitude to future jobs remained one of meritocracy and limited opportunity:

"The Conservative attitude to the jobs of the future is akin - whether they admit it or not - to an old view that assumes that irrespective of hard work and effort, there will always be a limited pool of talent and limited room at the top."

Instead, he argued that Labour best represented the best interests of those from middle and lower income families:

"Ours is the only party that will protect and not squeeze that mainstream middle, ours is the only party campaigning from the centre, for the centre."


Robert said...

But they are not a risk to the working class, since New labour intend to become the New Thatcherite party. great idea fat man.

13eastie said...

Were the Prime Minister, rather than surrounding himself with deluded Fabians, actually to leave the bunker and meet some "middle-income families", he might see how badly Labour has failed them.

Were the Fabians to be populated by anything other than affluent middle-class snobs, they might understand that the needs and hopes of the poor should be recognised as being intrinsic to those individuals and not dribbled prescriptively down onto them from an faulty think tank.

Labour is NOT the party of investment.

Not unless you equate investment with reckless, unfunded spending where no return can be anticipated (excepted the deluded hope that it might buy votes).

If Labour is the party of investment and aspiration for middle-class families, then why does it promote everything but the normal, stable, self-financing, nuclear family unit in which most of these people truly aspire to exist and participate?

Why is it so opposed to people starting businesses, doubling the rate of CGT for entrepreneurs?

Why is it spending so much money on artificial, unproductive state-sector jobs, that generate no economic return and are simply a drain on the public purse?

Why are businesses being crippled by mindless EU legislation, making them less competitive internationally?

Why is continuing dependency on the state through tax credits being promoted instead of low taxation?

Why has free university education been abolished?

Why have people who HAVE invested (in their pensions) seen their investments plundered?

Why has home ownership become impossible for so many people since 1997?

Why is wealth-generation discouraged through the spiteful double taxation of inheritance tax?

Why has Labour "invested" hundreds of billions in the banks, only then to move to destroy their profit motive?

Why has Brown repeatedly taken the most cowardly approach to tax increases by raising NI, which affects middle and low earners primarily?

Labour is anti-investment.
Labour is anti-aspiration.
Labour is anti-family.
Labour is anti-middle-earners.

Middle income families are not as stupid as Labour would like them to be and they can see these things with their own eyes.

It is only Brown and his inward-looking posse of elitist zombie Fabians who fail to see this.

Labour is the party of self-righteous auto-investiture.

It is not the party of investment.