Saturday 16 January 2010

Mark Rusling: "When we talk about 'immigration', we're talking on the BNP's terms"

Mark Rusling, editor of the Fabians' 'Stopping The Far Right' pamphlet has called for a new language when discussing issues of immigration and fascism in the context of the British National Party.

Speaking at the 'Challenging Extremism: What's fuelling the rise of the far Right?' breakout session at the Fabians' New Year Conference, Rusling warned that discussing immigration in a single context was fuelling the rhetoric of the BNP:

"One of the failings of the last 13 years has been that we've never drawn out the three kinds of immigration - EU migrants, economic migrants and asylum seekers. We have to make the distinction about why it's a good thing to have economic and E.U migrants, as well as asylum seekers. When you talk about immigrants as all being 'migrants' they've won, even if they've not won an actual election."

Rusling also criticised the language of 'facism' which is used to label the far Right, arguing that it is not constructive in the fight against the BNP:

"Please let's get away from language of 'facism' - a lot of the BNP are facists, but the language of facism doesn't work. We have to take them apart on what their policies say, get over this idea of facism and racists."

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