Wednesday 20 January 2010

Fabian New Year Conference: Audio highlights

For those of you that missed the Fabians' New Year Conference, or perhaps just wanted to experience it all over again, a range of podcast highlights from key New Year Conference breakout sessions are now available:

1. The Case - Does the Left have a winning argument?

Hear Mary Riddell, Ben Bradshaw, John Curtice and Peter Hyman discussing the strongest argument for the Left and how to introduce progressive debate into the election here

2. Will The Real David Cameron Please Stand Up?

Hear Polly Toynbee, Nadine Dorries, Sunder Katwala and Douglas Carswell debating just who the leader of the Tory party really is here

3. What Not To Spend

Hear Vince Cable, Nigel Stanley and Janet Daley discuss what to cut and who is best placed to cut it here

4. Hope or Fear - How does the political brain work?

Hear Hilary Benn, Matthew Taylor, Tim Horton and Catherine Fieschi discuss which message most resonates with voters - hope or fear here

5. Tribes or Causes - Can we campaign across party lines?

Hear Will Straw, David Babbs and Jessica Asato debate whether a progressive coalition will ever occur here

6. Equality of What?

Hear Neal Lawson, John Denham, Stuart White and Jenni Russell debate what equality means in today's society, how best to achieve it and how to broach it to the electorate here

7. Challenging Extremism - What's fuelling the rise of the Far Right?

Hear Rushanara Ali, Sam Tarry, Matthew Goodwin and Mark Rusling debate what's causing the rise in popularity of Far Right parties and what we can to do tackle it here

Event reports and photographs are also available here

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