Monday 10 May 2010

A future of fair votes for all?

The Demo for Democracy on Saturday was a great success. At short notice, the organisers managed to get around 2,000 (??) people to gather at Trafalgar Square and then amble down to Smith Square to send a clear message to Nick Clegg. Excellent video of the event can be found here and here.

One of the great mysteries of the election is what happened to the Lib Dem 'surge'. But at least some of the energy and idealism associated with that 'liberal moment' is now finding its way into TakeBackParliament's campaign for a fair voting system. There were short-notice demos throughout the country on Saturday, not just in London, and plans for further events around the country are growing by the day, if not by the hour.

As Richard Sharp argues today at Liberal Conspiracy, it is very important that Labour activists give their support to this campaign. This will both strengthen and broaden the campaign - and contribute to Labour's own renewal. Compass showed the way with a mailout to all its members on Friday urging them to support the rally. And I am sure there will be updates and analysis here at Next Left.

Keeping up the pressure at this moment is vital. TakeBackParliament have organised a flashmob for 5pm today, 21 Palmer Square (HQ of the Work Foundation) to make sure the Lib Dem negotiators don't forget about electoral reform. (At the risk of sounding like a tribalistic Labour sceptic, I can't help noting the double-edged quality of Nick Clegg's remark to the protestors that this is 'your campaign'....I had thought it was also his....)

And a rally is planned for London this Saturday.

If this all sounds London-centric, take a look at the TakeBackParliament website where you can find details of lots and lots of events outside of London.

But I'm afraid you are going to have dig out some purple clothes....

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ToryLordSnooty said...

Cannot recall Cameron ever wearing purple before, but maybe he has some flared corduroy pantaloons lurking in his wardrobe from days gone by which would be suitable.