Friday 21 May 2010

It would be a "bonus" if deportees were tortured, says Tory MP

The Coalition agreement makes a clear, unequivocal and welcome statement

We will never condone the use of torture.

Not all of its Parliamentary supporters agree.

As the Daily Mail reports, Monmouth MP appears to be not so much tacitly condoning torture as actively welcoming it, in the case of suspected Al Qaeda or Taliban members

The Conservative MP for Monmouth, David Davies, insisted that the Government should repeal the Act after the new commission has properly considered the legal implications.

'Active members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban are living in this country and not being deported because of concerns about their human rights if something horrible happens to them if they are sent home,' Mr Davies said.

'Personally I would have thought that would be a bonus rather than a reason for not sending them back.

'I don't mind if the Act is torn up, changed or amended. But I hope that whatever this commission comes up with, the views of the vast majority of people in this country who believe it is fundamentally wrong are respected'

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Unknown said...

If I recall correctly the Labour party currently condones extraordinary rendition.