Saturday 8 May 2010

Time for Guido the Coalitionist to join the LibDems?

Not all of the LibDem grassroots are thrilled at the prospect of a Lib-Con coalition, nor all of the Tory grassroots for that matter.

So it has fallen to blogger Guido Fawkes to cheerlead for the "coalition of change" - despite previously being a self-declared political nihilist.

The blog's author Paul Staines seems to mainly be aiming mainly to influence opponents of Lib-Connery among the Tory netroots, such as The Spectator's Fraser Nelson.

But couldn't he be doing more to exert influence on LibDem activists too?

Next Left broke the important political news last year that the author of Britain's most popular political blog was considering joining the LibDems.

So perhaps the time has come.

Would it not considerably sweeten the coalition talks if Nick Clegg was to know that - were he to put David Cameron into number 10 and joins his Cabinet - the LibDem blogosphere would have a new recruit?

It is unlikely that even the famous LibDem "triple lock" will lead to a members' ballot. Still, there could be trouble ahead.

So, if Guido can an infiltration of pro-coalition co-conspirators, that could be just what Clegg (and Cameron) need.


Guido Fawkes said...

What a load of bollocks.

It was Hazel Blears who declared I was a political nihilist. I direct you to hundreds of articles over the years, various pamphlets and suchlike which reveal that I'm a libertarian with a mission to destroy the Labour Party.

That is far from nihilistic.

The mission is proceeding onwards to a future free of evil Fabian influence.

Sunder Katwala said...

Thanks for the comment. I note it is a non-denial denial, with regard to the possibility of membership itself!

Nihilist: I was basing it not on Blears but on your claim that Guy Fawkes was "the only man ever to enter Parliament with honest intentions". that is an anti-political and somewhat nihilist piece of political rhetoric.

As a non-nihilist, do you think any constructive concession could be made on electoral reform to seal this deal?

Guido Fawkes said...

That 'honest intention' line is nearly four centuries old.

On the latter point, yes.

DespairingLiberal said...

Yes sure Guido, you're just a typical independently-minded Pure Libertarian with absolutely no axe to grind other than a chronically anti-Labour and pro-Tory one!

Sunder, Staines isn't the only one at this game - Iain Dale is trumpeting the virtues of Cleggameron, after having spent a week in the run-up running the most vitriolic anti-LibDem stories.

My guess is they see that the voters are going to hate whoever has power in the next few years, so they want to make sure Clegg gets to share the blame.

I thought for a few hours this might be a good thing anyway, but now suspect that the lack of a real-deal on PR will mean that Clegg can't do business - and as the other possible coalitions are unworkable, Cameron will end up trying to run a minority government with no formal agreement. Don't know what the markets will make of all that. Staines by the way would have all government policies decided by the same city traders who have spent the last few years f***ing us all.

Sunder Katwala said...


Thanks. What electoral reform concession would you make? Why not copy Disraeli over the reform act and go for full PR? I would then fear a permanent centre-right alliance!

My own co-conspirators have since pointed out that you applied to join the LibDems during the 2006 leadership contest and were turned down. Did they give any reason? It is very sporting of you not to bear a grudge towards Mr Clegg's party.