Friday 24 September 2010

A Labour "gap year": go back to your constituencies and prepare to organise

The new Labour leader will need to speak to and connect with the country. Yet every leadership contender has talked about the need to change the party's culture, if members are to believe their voices and views count again, and to make the party part of a broader movement for change.

But how to go get there?

Stella Creasy MP, elected for Walthamstow as part of Labour's class of 201, says it will take more than incremental change. In a new essay for the Fabian Society and a piece for LabourList, she argues for a "gap year" moratorium on formal meetings, replaced by a year of reflection on how Labour reconnects, and of action on political mobilisation.

Labour should introduce a moratorium on all formal meetings for a single calendar year. Instead of branches, policy forums, ECs, LGCs, CLPs and regional conferences, our party would make a commitment to run a programme of activities designed to explore how we can connect with every existing and potential member in Britain.

Would that help to create the change Labour needs?

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