Saturday 11 September 2010

Thinking the unpublishable: Cameron falls out with Frank Field

The government and the media made a great deal of the appointment of Labour MP Frank Field as "poverty tsar" to David Cameron's government. (Here at Next Left, we felt they were rather over-spinning it at the time).

The unthinkable has been thought up (again) with the government about to receive Field's interim report on life chances. But the government have no plans to publish it.

The Sunday Telegraph report putting the boot into Field's plans - David Cameron to bury poverty report in clash with Frank Field do make it all sound very much like the end of a beautiful friendship.

The decision follows a growing irritation among senior members of the Cabinet, including George Osborne, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Gove – who believe Mr Field is trampling on their Whitehall turf and coming up with proposals which could never be implemented.

Field has been giving interviews on his findings, so I am sure we will all get to find out what he has recommended - one way or another - in the next few weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Not a surprise, Field got exactly the same treatment from Blair.