Thursday 23 September 2010

Tweet your #miligrams

Miligram n. a short message of advice to the new leader of the Labour Party, especially across the September 2010 conference season

The endless hustings are over, the votes are in; the Fabian Review has even called the election.

But now, in many ways, comes the important bit. Labour’s new leader will have the opportunity to redefine the party and set it on a course to recovery, but also faces a year of potential elephant traps. The new Fabian Review sets out what these are and how to perhaps avoid them.

Over conference though, we want to hear from you about what the new leader should do, so send us your short messages of advice – tweet your own Miligrams using the #miligrams hashtag, or email them to us at

Various representatives of the lefty great and good have offered their wise council to Mr Miliband:
Neil Kinnock: “Achieve the impossible – don't let the bastards ever grind you down”

Billy Bragg: “Make my vote count”

Polly Toynbee: “Defy the Tory press. Restore pre-Thatcher media ownership laws to break up Murdoch's empire, let all media owners be UK tax-payers. Don't be afraid!”

Robert Skidelsky: “’We can't spend money we don't have’, ‘National debt will burden future generations’: demolish these economically illiterate Osbornisms”

Read more contributions from politicians, commentators and activists online at over the conference week. We’ll be making sure these messages get through to whoever wins on Saturday, so make sure you have your say.

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